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Anonymous inquired What crystal can wearer's use to give clarity and help with decision making?

i’ve been told green calcite can be good for decision making. for clarity, try any of these.

Anonymous inquired im considering giving my cousin a necklace with an anti-anxiety type charm on it for her birthday, and i just wanted to ask if A) this is an okay thing, and B) if you have any good charms for anti-anxiety because i want this to be the best charm possible for her

i’m personally a fan of always making sure the receiver is okay with the object being enchanted. it may seem like a nice gesture, but you never know how someone else may feel about receiving a bewitched gift. if they do, in fact, embrace your idea, here’s a few links that might help you create your charm:

directing energy
charms and enchantments
crystals for mental illnesses, etc.
you could browse natural-magics’ spells index, specifically the “anti-anxiety and stress relief” section

you could also always make a small sachet charm filled with herbs for anxiety that they can smell for immediate calming.

Anonymous inquired im making an amulet for my cousins birthday and i want to bless it with an anti-anxiety spell, any tips? (im pretty new to this) also any tips for cleansing the necklace itself when it arrives?

we got already got this question, so check that reply for more information.

as for cleansing, you could pass the necklace through smoke (sage, cedar, incense…), over a candle flame, store it with salt for however long feels right to you, place it in sunlight or moonlight, or even just visualize cleansing light (whatever color) surrounding it.


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In this post, I’m going to cover my personal magical associations with facial cosmetics, nail polish, and perfume. If you wear cosmetics, this is a simple way to introduce and include magic into your daily routine.


Think “invisible ink!” Have a goal you’d like to focus on for the day? Write it on your face using your foundation, and then rub it in. For example, write “successful interview” if you have an interview that day. You could write “listen” below your lips if it’s important to listen, rather than talk for the day. Write “glamour” under your eyes if you’re trying to impress someone.

Blush generally comes in three categories: cool, neutral, and warm. Need to stay calm for the day? Use a cool shade. Participating in an activity that you’re deeply passionate about? Use a warm shade. Wear a neutral shade when you want to put on your best poker face.

The eyes have the personality. If you need to look bold for the day, use dark colors, bold mascara, and dark eyeliner. If your desire is to be charming or friendly, you might want to try pastels and light mascara. Bright and creative, try using bright colors, such as aqua, yellow, and lime green.


The lips are an accent to the eyes. If you want someone to focus on what you’re saying, try using a bright shade of red. Need to flow through your day? Use a light shade of pink. To stay grounded, use neutral or clear lip balm.


The wonderful thing about painting your nails is that there are so many possibilities! Paint sigils in your first coat of polish, or in your clear top coat. Paint animals or objects as designs on your nails. Cat eyes to stay quick and on your feet about a situation, pumpkins for protection, candy to sweeten others to you, the moon to appear mysterious. If fancy nail art isn’t your thing, you can just use color magic.

Common colors and a few of my associations:

Red - passion, lust, sexuality, warmth, fiery, strong foundation, danger
Orange - energy, excitement, full of nutrients
Yellow - happiness, ideas, creativity, sour

Green - growth, healing, earth, money, luck
Blue - calmness, subconscious, emotions, communication, water
Purple - psychic energy, power, meditation
Pink - love, romance, flirtation, harmony
Grey - stormy skies, shadows
Brown -
neutral, grounding, stability, dirt
Black - power, absorbing, hidden
White -
power, reflecting


Perfume associations can come just from the name of the perfume itself. A perfume called Island Breeze might be associated with relaxation and vacation. One called Royal might be associated with royalty and being unstoppable. I enjoy natural scents, like lavender, which has calming effects, and patchouli, which promotes love and money. For other herbal scent associations, go here.

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